Photographing past the visible light spectrum

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Shooting with my modified Nikon D300, infrared (IR) photography opens many new doors for photographic challenges, creativity, expression and wonder.

These full-color images where taken with my IR camera. Post-processing to black and white.

I have found that IR to black and white, produces deeper, richer images. The original IR photo, if post-processed accordingly (without processing to black and white), yields most interesting and striking images in its own right.

Photograph the unseen light…try it, you’ll like it!


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    Brilliant! I need to try IR!

  • JuanoJuano Major grins ColoradoRegistered Users Posts: 3,937 Major grins

    Great tonality!

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    Very nice. A great guy named Craig Kirk used to be a regular on our forum. His work with IR photography is exceptional and he has started a forum dedicated to IR enthusiasts. I'm sure he would love to hear from those interested in exploring the world of IR. I believe his new froum is called the Wide World Of IR Photography Forum. If you're interested, I'd touch base with Craig ( [email protected] ).

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    Thanks everyone!! I very much appreciate your comments and feedback.

    I will try to reach out to Craig. I have been shooting IR for several years now and the variety of photographic artistry available through this medium is almost unlimited. Plus it is just cool!

    Next up, I am going to a dark sky site and will try to see what I can capture when aiming my IR modified D300 out into space. IR D300, tripod, motor mount, and long exposure time. This should be interesting.

    Thanks again everyone.

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    I used to shot IR and these are nice El Gato...

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