Control access to specific galleries when using Site password option?

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I use my website primarily to share photos with my family, who are not the most savvy when it comes to computers, so I just use the “People with Password” option to control site access. It’s been working fine, since I’m okay with them having access to all my galleries. But now I want to be able to keep full access for those with the site password (i.e. family), but share only specific galleries with friends. I haven’t quite figured this out, though. I’ve tried using the Sharegroup feature or the “Visitor Password” feature in gallery settings, but it seems like the site password is still needed to actually see any of the photos.

It seems the only way to do what I’m looking for is to use the “People I choose” option, and regulate access that way. But I really don’t want to make my family create accounts, etc. to access my photos.



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    What most people do is put all the family galleries in a folder called “Family” (or similar), password protect that, then leave the rest of the site open to either public or unlisted galleries

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