Wild Horses of Corolla Beach

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A couple of weekends ago we spent some time in the Outer Banks to take advantage of the New Moon for some Milky Way shots. While we were out there, we took one of the Wild Horse trips up the beach past Corolla. We had done it last year and got some good photos, so we decided to try it again.

The horses are believed to be decendants of horsed brought by Spanish explorers in the 1500s. There are about 100 horses in the herd, living in the dunes off the beach north of Corolla. The beach in that area is part of a state highway, although it is limited to 4-wheel-drive vehicles. You will see a lot of Jeeps, SUVs, and pick ups parked on the beach with people fishing, swimming, or just enjoying the scene. The horses can be seen grazing in the yards of the homes off the beach, or out strolling on the beach itself.

1 - The view from our tour truck

2 - Part of the herd on the beach

3 - Grazing in someone's front yard

4 - More horses on the beach

5 - The poles in the background out into the ocean are part of the fence blocking off the northern part of the beach, restricting where vehicles can drive, and keeping the horses in their protected area. About a dozen were trying to make their way through the fence out of the area, and our tour driver stopped to shoo them back up the beach away from the fence. It made for a nice shot of the horses out on the beach.

6 - Posing for a portrait

If you are ever out in the area, I definitely recommend one of these tours - the horses are beautiful, and it is an amazing sight to see them out on the beach like that.


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    Nice pictures. A several years ago, my wife, daughter and grandson went on the jeep tour, and saw them. We rented 2 jeep and had a great time. Haven't been back to the outer banks in a few years, but we love to vacation there. I was in the service in North Carolina and it ever since, it seems like home to me.

    Thanks for posting, it brought back some good memories

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    Last one is great! Cheers Moose! Love second one too!

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    Love #2

    This could easily be enlarged, framed and hung on a wall!

    Great image...well done!

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    Thank you, folks! Sorry for the late response, I was having trouble getting my password updated following the reset in November.

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