Lovers on the beach

JonaBeth RussellJonaBeth Russell Major grinsMauiPosts: 951Registered Users Major grins

A few recent sessions...Enjoy!





  • gptwinsgptwins TexasPosts: 14Registered Users Big grins

    Beautiful shots. I don't do the heart with the hands thing unless the subject requests it specifically. I think it is cliché' and way over done. That said, if the subject wants it, I will photograph it. I am there for them. I really like #1.

  • jasongroverjasongrover Beginner grinner Posts: 4Registered Users Big grins
    edited December 30, 2019

    3 is my fav!
    2. Not a huge fan of "hand heart" but with that said, good job using the light and making it different than what you normally see out there.
    1 Beautiful shot

    Not sure why I did that in reverse order lol

  • Third_SonThird_Son Posts: 22Registered Users Big grins
    First one is terrific....
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