Problem with Homepage photos not linking to associated galleries

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I've set up my home page to show 3 pictures, that are from different albums. Within Homepage csutomizing options, I have selected to go to the galleries as opposed to do nothing or go to lightbox. When I click on the photo, I see the gallery for ½ second and then go to the clicked image that I selected on the homepage. Not sure How I can get the gallery to open,,,or to stay open for more than ½ second... Any help appreciated .


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    When a gallery is set to one of the "Collage" or "Thumbnail gallery styles, there's no easy way to jump to that photo in the gallery, especially if it's a large gallery (for example, lets say the photo is #4,990 of 5,000 photos) - it would have to load all 4989 photos beforehand and then jump down to the existing photo. So it loads the photo in the Lightbox instead, by design.

    We're assuming folks want it to jump to the photo in the gallery. Is that your assumption - that it would load the gallery and jump to where the photo is? Or did you just want it to load the beginning of the gallery?

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    I just want it to enter the gallery...It doesn't have to go the the 'clicked' photo. The 1st photo is good...I could vary the '1st' by having a manual sort, or most recent first, or whatever..I just want the person to enter the gallery from that initial click..I think that's what is working everywhere, except on the homepage.

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