Losing the Gallery Cover Image Selection

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I use a gallery cover image on some of my galleries. That's the optional image that spans the top of a gallery page and provides a backdrop for the gallery title and first few lines of the gallery description.

After setting the gallery cover image, I find if I go into the Organizer, open Settings, do something not involving the cover image (like fix a typo in the description or change the feature image), and save, then the gallery cover image selection is lost. It reverts to the feature image. Indeed, if I open settings, do nothing, but then save, the cover image selection gets lost. Interestingly, that does not happen if I do the gallery setting edits in the Lightroom plug-in. Now it's not a big deal to go back in and reset the cover image when necessary ... provided I remember which it was! The system does remember how that image was positioned. Still, having to do this every time I update some other gallery setting with the Organizer is clearly a bug.

I'm using Win 10. This behavior shows under both Firefox and Chrome. All are set to auto update, so should be at or near the latest releases.

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