auto uploads - how to display from web browser?

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I just turned on auto uploads on my iPhone and my entire library is in the process of being uploaded now. I can see the new upload directory on the SmugMug app on my phone, but from a web browser, I don't see it nor a way to turn on displaying it. I assume that can be done, if so how?


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    By default the "Automatic iOS Uploads" folder is set as Private so only you can see your photos. If you login to your account on the web you can see the folder and all the phone photos. Logged out (like your friends, family and visitors) will never be able to see these photos.

    If you go in and change the privacy settings to Unlisted or Public then the photos can be shared. Unlisted will allow you to share them but visitors won't be able to see the photos unless you share the URL. Public will allow anyone on the internet to view those photos.

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