What is the area on the left of my web page called and how do I control it? Or get rid of it?

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The template I chose for my site has an area on the left that I do not understand. Originally, it had my name, my navigation menu, and a block for social media icons. I got rid of or moved all of those, but the area on the left is still there, still uselessly taking up room. I cannot select it or find any settings for it. What is that area and how do I control it? Or is my only choice to choose a different template?

I put some text in that area to show what I'm talking about.


  • JtringJtring Major grins CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 605 Major grins

    It's the "Sidebar". To get to the basic controls for it, do a Customize Content and Design, then, at the right top, select Entire Site (or whatever) and just below that, pick the "layout" tab.

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