Island of Burano

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Visited the fishing village of Burano, about an hour by boat from Venice this summer. While famous of the quality of the lace made here, what makes it a favorite of photographers are the brightly colored houses all around the island.

The tradition of painting houses in such bright colors is to easily demarcate the properties, though a popular legend is that this was done due to the island's past as a fishing village where the bright colors made it easier for returning fishermen to find their homes in the thick fog of the lagoon.

Tourism is the main industry today, but the island has only one hotel, so tourists make the day trip from Venice. It is crowded during the tourist season, but I went there towards the end of the day and go the place mostly to myself.

The typical Burano's houses are mainly squared-shaped and are divided into two or three floors. At the low ground there is the kitchen, the breakfast nook and the toilet. At the next floors there are the bedrooms. There are currently around 2000 to 3000 residents in this island.


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