#302 Presenting Food Results

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Thank you all for entering. I was trying to couch the terms of the mini so I would get photos of food that was ready to eat, and not the raw materials of a meal. But I knew that a selection of food makes a really wonderful still life, and indeed you gave me some wonderful still life arrangements of food. Dave had the most polished arrangement in his third photo but Sara's picnic was wonderful too.

Joyce started off with three photos all of which were worthy entries. Of the three I liked the BBQ chicken salad the best .. the repeated slices of eggs and pears on a square plate balanced everything nicely

Dave's strawberries looked luscious. The middle photo particularly - I assume that in the middle photo, the strawberries are resting on a round chocolate cake, but I wondered about the pine cone and the leaves. The best photo of the three was really the third one.

I liked all of Sara's and the best one from my perspective is the first one - the Foie Gras and cantaloupe. I liked the square white plate with the food arranged in a fan shape. And I have to say if I was picking on the basis of the text, Sara would have won.

Pieter's first entry is the best - I would not have known it was not from a restaurant. There is enough negative space so that the food can breathe and everything is nicely done.

Thanks also to Gretchen - are those purple artichokes?

So -
HM to Dave https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-wrBWVqr/1/93f1e715/XL/i-wrBWVqr-XL.jpg
Third place to Joyce https://photos.smugmug.com/Food/Food-1/i-226qCrW/0/052f1a4a/XL/20200505_122651-XL.jpg
Second to Sara https://us.v-cdn.net/6029383/uploads/editor/9u/og2lbcd7vyit.jpg
First to Pieter https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/201712/i-mmbfqGX/0/fcadeecf/O/PEG_A7_1_2507_20171224.jpg

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    Congratulations to @pegelli on the first place win! And to Sara, Joyce, and Dave on sharing great photos of food as well. And @grandmaR, thank you again for running a fun mini!

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    Congrats to Pieter @pegelli for your first place win. Congrats to Sara for your second place. Thank you @grandmaR for my third place and a challenge well run!

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    Wow, didn't expect that and I'll relay your comment about how the plate was laid out to my wife, she will be honoured as well :) Thanks for an interesting mini and all your comments grandmaR.

    Congrats to Sara, Joyce and Dave for the other places. There may have been a lower number of entries but the quality was more than OK.

    I'll see what I can come up with for a next mini, need to put my thinking cap on .

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    @pegelli I loved that photo of yours and also thought it was a winner! @grandmaR thanks for the 2nd place - and I'm very glad you liked my text :smiley:

    It was a great idea for a mini - a reminder that there are many interesting things to shoot out there.

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