Results Mini Challenge # 303 "Devices indicating the time, or the passage of time"

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Thanks all for entering in this mini, good to see the regulars here but in general the mini's are getting more quiet. But the quality was certainly there and that's more important.

First some comments:
@JAG : Great start, very beautiful executed still life in the first and a wonderful story to go with it. I'm amazed at the lack of numbers on the clock in Rome
@Cavalier : I love the sundial bridge, what a clever idea. Where is the dial or numbers that you can read the (approximate) time? The station master shot is well done as well.
@grandmaR : All three very special clocks and I love the stories you told with them, thanks for sharing all that
@sarasphotos : I like the special clock in Padua, no minute hand and 24 hours, and then the zodiac and moon phases on the inside. It's a pity the submerged village clock doesn't show the time any more.
@DavidRGillespie : The first is placed in a beautiful building, looks a bit the same style as the Peace Palace in the Hague. The third reminded me that I have some watches (nothing special but with emotional value) that I need to take similar beauty shots of.
@sapphire73 : I really like the photo from Speyer, the B&W conversion fits the scene and mood well.
@lkbart : Nice series, the first is quite a showpiece, I can imagine it makes an impression on you when you see it your whole life. And the Granddaugter clock is another masterpiece and well captured.

And now for the "winners"

Third place is for @Cavalier with the sundial bridge

Second place is awarded to @sapphire73 with the B&W from Speyer

And the winner is the beautiful still life from @JAG with the watch and remembrance medal, indicating the passage of time in multiple ways

Congrats to all for entering as well as the three I finally picked (it wasn't easy picking the winners), and Joyce, looking forward to what you come up with next :)

Pieter, aka pegelli
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