Working with custom pages and galleries

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I had a number of people evaluating my new SM website and the majority asked if I could make a page for my galleries menu button that just opened a thumbnail of each gallery with a cover image, add some text letting them know how the galleries worked, then do away with the drop down menu.

Fair request and quick made a custom page.

As you can see I added a H1 tag and a paragraph that has the information requested. I know for SEO the text is not the best but i am going to change it around when I get time but to have the ability to add content to the page will be a SEO benefit.

I then said, hey I am using the SM gallery style and it is in my opinion seriously lacking as there is NO way I can find to suppress the meta title and meta description that is included in the style. What if I made a custom page that has that SM appearance that has no meta title and description and allows me to format the page like I did the galleries link above. That would allow me to add meaningful SEO content on the page plus have a presentation of each gallery that is liked, easy to use.

Well, I went down in flames, I can build the basic page but cannot find anyway to attach a gallery and make it look like the SM style. All I seem to be able to do is add a gallery but it is just a thumbnail. I cannot find a way to attach a gallery and apply the SM style on the custom page.

Does anyone have any ideas as t how that could be done? I asked SM help and never got an answer which seems to be getting to be a common thing.


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