Gallery index Questions. Nothg=ing on google.

MrfunksMrfunks CardiffRegistered Users Posts: 9 Big grins
I appreciate that Gallery index has been an issue.

It appears that I have set up 3 pages Home , About and Portfolio. Note these are Pages .. I have set up a Folder called Gallery - and there I have all my different Galleries. Each Image is tagged and has correct Meat data. So on My website I have a Menu for Home , about, portfolio and Gallery. note Gallery isn't a PAGE as such, its the folder- but looks like a page and has all my photos in there.

The issue I have is none of the images in the Galleries are indexed whatso ever, even though they have the correct Meta data etc. The only two images which exist on Google are the two different images I have used from the Gallery and are the ones used in "about page" and "Portfolio Page" ..

Is my mistake not Setting up a Page called Gallery, and then getting the correct Meta data and title in that? really confused and welcome your help, please


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