Change page name or 301 redirect?

naomimayanaomimaya SpainRegistered Users Posts: 29 Big grins

I see there have been a few similar posts, but not in the last 3 years, so maybe something has changed?

I want to change a page name URL from to because I moved to a new city and the keyword is no longer relevant. If I simply change the name, Google will drop that page from the index, correct? Then I have to start over with ranking? I'm wondering if it's worth it... my page is already ranked in my new city on page 3 so I wanted to redirect it...

If that's not possible, can I do an on-page redirect with HTML somehow? Does anyone know how that affects Google rankings?

I was also thinking as a last resort to leave the old page up, but move the content over to a new page and have a single link on the old page that says, "I've moved, click here for NEW CITY weddings", and link to the new page. Thoughts?



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