Helicopter Landing (Heavy with Images)

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I have been watching a Blue Heron Rookery for the last month. Amazing nest construction. Tirelessly gathering and building.
I heard a commotion in the tree, when this new mother heron began Falling from the tree. Wait, Falling from a tree? She has wings, why is she falling.
It wasn't until I began processing images that I discovered the reason for her Helicopter style lack of flight.
She is a Hobbled Heron, with Fishing line thru her beak and wrapped around her legs.
I called a local wildlife rescue, we searched for quite a while, startling all herons we saw, looking for the Hobbled Heron. She was no where to be seen.
I am hopeful she will not succumb to her dilemma.
As an avid fisherman for many years now, It has always been drilled into my head, Fishing line is dangerous to wildlife.
Police your Gear and all tackle when fishing.

You can now see the line around her legs

Now you can really see the fishing line wrapped around her beak cutting into the corners of her mouth, wrapping all the way to her legs with an egg sinker attached.


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