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    Its nice Don. I have couple of things bugging me but its not end of the world.
    Both left and right edge have a log acting like the border. One works, two don't for me.
    Also the one on the right is kind of leaning in and creating false leaning sensation even thought the one in the center is straight.
    My own solution will be to maintain ration and zoom in from bottom corner and go in till log on right is out.

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    Don...what a wonderful breadth of colors. I like the lighter green in the distance, gives the image a nice "background."

    Taz makes several good points, eliminating of reducing slightly, the right-side tree (acting as a boarder) may provide less rigidity to the image.

    Overall, I like and well done!

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    My first impression was wow! However, reading Taz's comment, I have to agree with him.

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    Taz and Gato, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Hey, Don. My take on this shot is exactly like Cristóbal's. Personally, I find getting a good shot of a forest, as the singular subject, is always difficult. The contorted array of tress in this image helps lift it above just being another forest shot. Good job.

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    Cristobal, Tom, thanks. Tom, I agree that it's hard to get an interesting shot of a forest. I've taken a zillion duds. :)

    I tried Taz's suggestion. I can see the rationale but to me the result looked unstable. I was consciously using the perimeter trunks as natural vignettes to hold everything in.

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    A great capture of light and form. As someone that lives in a forested area, i believe you have done a great job of capturing the interaction of light between the boughs, trunks and branches. This type of scene

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