Sidling in all sheepish like..... with some images though :)

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It's been a good few years since I've posted in the forum. Combination of lots of other things going on, time, work, home life, other hobbies etc. However I still have all of my photography kit and recently purchased a Laowa Venus 2:1 Macro lens. I absolutely adore this lens (more than my 100L to be honest) I have taken quite a few photographs as of late so I'll start to share again in the forum and hopefully, I won't take another hiatus for however many years it's been since I last posted :smile:

Good to see some familiar names still in here and still posting awesome images.

So, here is a selection of images taken a couple of days ago with the Venus 2:1 and a Yongnuo Twin flash head. Incidentally, I tend to post most images these days at 2048px on the longest side as I work on a couple of 4K 32" screens. If they show up too big, let me know and I can downsize.


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