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Escaped pet lovebirds have naturalized in the Phoenix area and we have a lot of them. I usually see them when sunflowers are blooming. They love the seeds. I'm fascinated by them and can't help photographing them even though I don't really need any more lovebird photos. They're a variety of parrot and I was reading today that people have been fascinated by parrots for a very long time.

This is the more charming shot.

This one has less charm but I like the mood.


  • JuanoJuano Major grins Lima, PeruRegistered Users Posts: 4,666 Major grins

    The firs one is great, a tad bright for my taste.

  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am San Jose, CARegistered Users Posts: 8,404 Major grins

    For me second is out of bounds! Bravo!

  • CornflakeCornflake Major grins ArizonaRegistered Users Posts: 3,231 Major grins

    Cristobal, Taz, thanks for the comments. :)

  • black mambablack mamba Major grins Jacksonville, FLRegistered Users Posts: 8,049 Major grins

    I like them both.

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    The second rules. First shot is nice except for the over-brightness.

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  • CornflakeCornflake Major grins ArizonaRegistered Users Posts: 3,231 Major grins

    Tom, David, thanks.

  • JonaBeth RussellJonaBeth Russell Major grins MauiRegistered Users Posts: 1,065 Major grins

    Lovely captures, we have these birds on Maui as well!

    I too prefer the darker exposure over the lighter, but definitely recognize the charm in the first image.

  • willard3willard3 Jefe Máximo Registered Users Posts: 2,580 Major grins

    @black mamba said:
    I like them both.


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    Great captures. For me the blurred, bright background works well to highlight the main subject!

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