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Hello. How can I find a list of the keywords that I have tagged onto the photos on my Smug Mug website?
I am positive I have seen this list before and now I can't find it.
Many thanks


  • JtringJtring Major grins CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 631 Major grins

    The general keywords page:

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    Lesley, looks like you have the same problem as me. A gallery is limited to 1000 photos being displayed. Example, your keyword "australia" has reached that limit. I solved this by using multiple keywords sorted by date. I used a smart gallery to count KW's for each year then added years to not exceed 1000.
    example: (number behind KW not part of KW but year count)
    yardbirds_2008_and_earlier (906)
    yardbirds_2009_10 (537)
    yardbirds_2011_12 (669)
    yardbirds_2013_14 (883)
    yardbirds_2015_17 (652)
    yardbirds_2018_19 (540)

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  • Lesley BrayLesley Bray Major grins Atherton, QueenslandRegistered Users Posts: 143 Major grins

    Thank you Allen. I was not aware of this and will look into it. Cheers.

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