Search Result Sets Handled Badly

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Browse behaves exactly the way it needs to: stop, look at a picture more closely, step back and forth through the pictures as shown in the Browse listing, download a selected picture perhaps, back out of the full page view to the same spot in the Browse listing as you were before looking more closely. Nice.

Use a Search and it is a completely different experience. Click on any picture in a Search Result Set and - BANG - you are sent back to the beginning of the Gallery you were within. That is useless - no stepping through the pictures, choosing a full-page view to get a good look, no download options, nothing. "That's what Browse is for", you might say. Yes, let's browse through 2,000 pictures to the one you want to download. No.

On the Forum I have found a single reference to this, from 2018:
There was no response from SmugMug.

This is the same in both Chrome and FIrefox.

Please tell me this is going to be fixed. It is a make-or-SmugMug-is-dead-to-me issue.


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    While the global, /search option does work as you have detailed. There is an option to set up and use a keyword search content block anywhere on the site or even on a custom page. When the content block is set up to create a keyword gallery, the results are a gallery that can be toggled through to view each image. There is the ability to download each image in that keyword gallery, but not a gallery download option.

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