Rock 'n' Roll Era Classic Cars

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These were at an event at my local pub on Sunday.

The "Rocket 88" was featured in what is said to have been the first Rock 'n' Roll record by Ike Turner in 1951 and went to No 1 in R & B charts.

The Coupe De Ville was mentioned in the lyrics of Chuck Berry's first hit "Maybellene".

Shot on a Sony A7r3 full frame through a legacy Vivitar Series 1 VMC f3.8 24-48mm lens, the first time I have used it since purchasing two
years ago, at ISO 250, hand held. First shot at f16, the rest probably at f8.




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    The 3rd shot is superb! I like the aqua inside as well!

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    @Stumblebum said:
    The 3rd shot is superb! I like the aqua inside as well!

    Thanks. I struggle with exact focusing of manual wide angles lenses, having spent recent years almost entirely on macro.

    Parking it with the lamp and tree foliage in the background was very fortunate. (It was supposed to be in the car park with the others).


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    Thanks for posting, Harold. I'm glad to see others sharing their car experiences.. I have two suggestions for you. When posting multiple images, it will help if you number the images. That makes it easier for folks to comment on specific shots. When shooting full car images, as in shot #1, do the best you can to not chop off any of the vehicle.

    I always wanted to lie naked on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace. Cracker Barrel didn't take kindly to it.
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    I'm with Taz - my fave is the Olds shot - nice angle.

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