How does SmugMug handle different photo dimensions?

GWScottGWScott MississippiRegistered Users Posts: 13 Big grins

I am new to SmugMug and also new to this forum. So, I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this question. I did do a search on my question but didn't find anything.

My question is this: How does SmugMug handle different photo dimensions? I have a Pro Account, so I am able to create multiple price lists. My photos are always in one of four possible dimensions/orientations: Horizontal (3:2), Vertical (2:3), Panorama (3:1), or Square (1:1). I have set up a different price list for each ratio. So, for my square photos, I use the Square price list. For the panoramas, I use the Panorama price list (and so on). That way, I then created gallery pages for each orientation (each ratio).

Am I going about this all wrong? A friend of mine was examining my web site and asked the question: "Is there a page where I can just browse through all of your photos?" So, that is my question. Can I have a gallery showing all my photos, regardless of ratio orientation? I know I can do that, but , how then does SmugMug handle these different dimensions? What happens if a client sees a photo they like and doesn't realize it is a pano and clicks a print option that is 3:2?

I hope this makes sense. I have a feeling I'm going about this all wrong. Some expert advice would be much appreciated.



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