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Can an outside link open a specific entire Smugmug page, so as to give the "outside" viewer the immediate option of seeing & purchasing the photo by pushing Smugmug's "Buy" button? In other words, not just the bare image alone, but the entire page for that specific image. (Also, can the outside link NOT just open up TO the entire Gallery. That would force a potential customer to hunt & hunt for the image that interests him.)

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    Hi! You can link to the lightbox. Click on an image in a gallery to open it larger. The visitor shopping cart, if on, can be accessed by clicking the BUY PHOTO button. For example, from our demo site: https://johnsmiley.smugmug.com/FineArt/2017/2017-02-03-Eastern-Sierras/i-DzCfRZv/A

    Or, you could even turn on "Shop View" in the gallery settings under Shopping to open directly to the shopping cart when the image is viewed in the lightbox as seen here: https://johnsmiley.smugmug.com/FineArt/Bay-Area/i-JxCJvPt/buy

    To turn on the visitor shopping cart and shop view in the gallery settings under Shopping toggle on Visitor Shopping Cart and then optionally toggle on Shop View if you want the cart to appear automatically.

    If I misunderstood or if you have any more questions we will be standing by.

    Christina Dale
    SmugMug Support Specialist - www.help.smugmug.com

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