Flying things

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Some shots don't break any new ground but they're fun to take. That'll do.


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    Lovely Don! Especially second! Bit cold tones. Cheers

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    Such lush and colorful subjects and scenes!

    Illinois has been pretty dreary the last couple of days, but your images give me hope for a better tomorrow. 🖒😁

    Photography is so much a wonderful, persistent window into others' reality. Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice work, Don. That #2 is a wall hanger.

    I always wanted to lie naked on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace. Cracker Barrel didn't take kindly to it.
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    These took time and patience. Great colors and subject, tie everything together.

    The first image I can definitely see blown up very large and gracing the lobby of a hotel or even law office. Colorful and artistic. A little tighter crop on the upper part of the image an its printable. Your copyright is embedded in the metadata...right?!

    I like image number 2, (a) for the technical aspects and (b) simply the subject. Getting these little guys to pose for a photograph is often darn difficult. You got this one. Warming it up may be OK, however, I fear that in doing so, the bird's natural coloring might also be altered. In post, you might create a few layers, mask the bird and warm the individual layers without it effecting the bird. Just a thought.

    I recognize the butterfly. Can you please tell us the name of the bird? Don't think he/she calls my neck of the woods, home.

    Well done, Don.

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    Taz, ziggy, Tom, Gato, thanks. :) The second shot had a green color cast, probably due to reflected light from all the surrounding foliage. I got rid of that but the comments seem correct--the result is a bit cool. Maybe I'll tinker with it.

    The bird is a feral lovebird. They're an African species. Many people keep them as pets. Years back, enough escaped into the wild to form a breeding population. They seem to like it here. We don't see them a lot for most of the year but whenever sunflowers are blooming, they gather. I love 'em.

  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Registered Users Posts: 1,125 Major grins

    Thanks, Don for the species ID, much appreciated!

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    Wow! Great job on both of those.

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    Gato, you're welcome. David, thank you.

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