I can't believe that the Flavicon issue on Google search is still unresolved

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Honestly this is going on years now. I am having a hard time believing that the FLavicon issue in Google Search results is receiving any attention; in fact, I am starting to believe that SmugMug is intentionally dragging its feet over having a custom flavicon appear in search result hits. I am starting to believe that they want the SMugMug smile to appear as opposed to my own flavicon.


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    I just want it to be clear that I do not work for SmugMug nor do I represent SmugMug. I'm just interested to know what you tried.

    But I saw this and did a bit of checking. As far as I can tell, favicons only work on your SmugMug pages. That's according to the documentation SmugMug provided. It also mentions that favicons don't always work with some browsers. If you go to Google's developer page, it gives you the details for including a favicon in its search results. It also says, about midway down the page, that it's not guaranteed to work even if you follow the instructions.

    Were you able to edit the header and add the single favicon as described in Google's doc?

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