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Can anyone give me any ideas for shooting around Atlanta, I'm going to making a couple of trips there the end of this year or the begining of next. Apparently I'm headed about 20 miles or so north of the city.


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    Wxwax should have some great ideas, but I hear HarryB is the expert on Altanta, make sure you ask him. :D
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    The easiest, most photogenic thing to shoot is people around the fountains in Centennial Olympic Park, in the heart of downtown, next to CNN Center. Not sure how crowded it will be in the middle of winter, however. Not even sure when the fountains stop running.

    The patient man with a tripod and a heavy coat can find a spot on the 10th street bridge across I-75, find a hole in the fence (if it's still there) and get a nice skyline shot.

    If you like sports, GaTech has good teams and a relaxed attitude about photography. They're at the end of that 10th street bridge.

    The North Georgia mountains are pretty cool, especially if you're there when snow's on the ground.
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