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Welcome. An introduction to this thread can be found here.

If you live in one of the states surrounding the Great Lakes we'd love to see a bit of your town in this thread.

If you are uncertain of what to post, here's a suggestion: Choose a commercial center of your village, town or city. Be it a financial district, "downtown" area or other type of market center.

We will finesse these forums as we go depending on the level of posts and participation. But most importantly let's have fun doing this!

Start your post with a title containing a) STATE b) CITY, TOWN or VILLAGE where you live.


Then insert your photo and add a few lines of descriptive text to tell us about the image and your life in that location.



  • djspinner2kdjspinner2k Petrov Photograhy L.L.C. Posts: 127Registered Users Major grins
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    Michigan, Auburn Hills

    hope this comes up.thumb.gif

    infront of my window at workwings.gif

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  • jdryan3jdryan3 tao te grin Posts: 1,353Registered Users Major grins
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    Ohio, Columbus, Arena District

    A block away from Nationwide Arena, home of the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets. Right in the downtown area, the arena is built on the site of a state prison that was torn down in the late 1990s. The prison dates to the Civil War (POWs helped build it) and housed O Henry among other famous individuals. A major 4 lane road leading out of downtown went right by the front of the prison - and right in front of the death house!
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  • DJTDJT Major grins Posts: 345Registered Users Major grins
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    Indiana, Auburn
    Every year 100k or more people make their way to Auburn, Indiana (population 15k) for the Annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival. This event takes place on Labor Day Weekend. There's the annual Kruse International Classic Car Auction (2000 cars), the ACD Club reunion, Craft Shows, Antique Shows, Cruise-in and the ACD Parade on Saturday. Activities take place from the Thursday before till the Tuesday after.
    see more pics at smuggy: http://djtdesigns.smugmug.com

    Here is a Duesenberg at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum

    EDIT - First picture came up missing :?

    Another Duesenberg on display at the court house square after the ACD Parade on Saturday.
  • jerryrjerryr Smugmug Customization Posts: 562Registered Users Major grins
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    Traverse City, Michigan

    Hi !
    Ok, althought I am from the Detroit area, this picture is from Traverse City Michigan - Old Mission Pensinsula.
    Traverse City Michigan is famous for its cherries, wine and beautiful scenery of northern Michigan!

    More images can be seen here:


    and here


    enjoy !!! :) jerryr
  • AngeloAngelo Turning frowns upsidedown Posts: 8,937Super Moderators moderator
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  • jensen photosjensen photos Politically incorrect. Posts: 54Registered Users Big grins
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    Aurora, Illinois
    Aurora is Illinois second largest city, with a population of 165,000. It's official moniker is "The city of lights" as Aurora was the first U.S city to have electric lights.

    Aurora was mostly an industrial town, but the jobs moved on. Crime was rampant in the 1980's and 1990's, and in the mid 1990's Aurora was labeled "murder capital of the US".

    Aurora has cleaned up a lot since then, kicked out the gangs, gentrified the downtown, and is marketing itself as a place for tech industries.

    But still, A-town has character, and a lot of the past still mingles with the present, like the Downer Street Bridge, a reminder of what Aurora once was, good and bad:

    And of course Hollywood Casino really brought in some money, with little crime:
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 8,195Registered Users moderator
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    Indiana, Munster

    This was taken at the new Centenial Park in Munster, Indiana. It was a foggy, misty night. Some of this park is built on top of a landfill.
  • SparkySparky Major grins Buffalo, New YorkPosts: 104Registered Users Major grins
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    Buffalo, New York
    Here's a shot of the Central Terminal on the east side of Buffalo. The tree carving in the foreground is one of the thousands of trees destroyed by a freak snowstorm in October, 2006.
  • ElginetPhotosElginetPhotos Major grins Posts: 134Registered Users Major grins
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    Elgin, Illinois
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  • jensen photosjensen photos Politically incorrect. Posts: 54Registered Users Big grins
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    Hey! Another Illinoian! :ivar
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  • munmimunmi Big grins Posts: 28Registered Users Big grins
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    Michigan, Munising
    City Hall in Munising

    Munising is located along the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. City Hall was formerly a bank building built with stone that was quarried from nearby.

    Munising, Michigan
  • TJDIVTJDIV In the U.P. Posts: 112Registered Users Major grins
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    Jumping off the rocks with my dog at Elliotts. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore; Munising, MI.


    Miners Falls


    Sorry, not really pictures of Munising "Town"....I don't really make it in to town that much! Sounds like I need to try.
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  • WLCWLC Beginner grinner Posts: 3Registered Users Beginner grinner
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    Detroit, Michigan

    Picture of the Detroit Skyline, picture was taken from Windsor Ontario shoreline.
  • Wisconsin PhotogirlWisconsin Photogirl Beginner grinner Posts: 4Registered Users Beginner grinner
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    Madison, WI June 6, 2010

    I live in Madison, WI. Quite a fun city located in south-central Wisconsin, about an hour north of the Illinois border. Population of the metro-area is over 250,000. We have many events and celebrations throughout the city year-round. I took this picture while riding my bike on John Nolan Drive. This is the Ride the Drive event that is becoming a twice a summer event. The city closes down miles of roads usually heavy with traffic for about 6 hours. Madison has a large bike culture (myself a part of it) and paths criss-cross the city.
  • toddh39toddh39 Big grins Posts: 14Registered Users Big grins
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    Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
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