G9 viewfinder issues

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I recently got a refurbished G9 through the canon loyalty program by trading in my five year gold s400 and when I got it, the G9 looked brand new.

My issue is with the viewfinder. At the widest, when I’m looking through the view finder (rather than the screen), I see the top of the lens on the lower left hand corner and it disappears as I zoom on something.

I did a google search and did some a bit of information on how the viewfinders are misaligned, etc. and how really, it’s not a true view finder. This issue has no impacts on the photos themselves and if I’m using live-view, I don’t see it. It’s only an issue with the viewfinder.

At the same time, I asked for a replacement from Canon and it has the exact same problem.

Does anyone else see this issue? Is it worth getting fixed? Or asking Canon for a second replacement. :dunno


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    As far as I know, that's normal on the G9. It doesn't affect the photo, and my viewfinder seems to be properly aligned ne_nau.gif

    The lens is just physically in the way.
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    What Ivar said.
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    Yeah, same here. It is just a P&S "viewfinder" which is the little lens above and to the left of the main lens (when looking at the front of the camera). the lens barrel gets in the way of that little fella when you zoom all the way in and all the way out.
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    Don't use the viewfinder, it is just for decoration. thumb.gif I am only half kidding!

    Put a dark cloth over your head and compose on the LCD screen. That is a joke - don't use a dark cloth unless you really can't see.

    Out of the thousands of frames with my G9, I have not used the viewfinder once, even in bright sunlight.
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    Thanks everyone!

    Lesson learned -- use the screen to compose, ignore the fake viewfinder and go out and shoot with the G9. :D
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the viewfinder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this not how rangefinder cameras work also?

    To me, using the screen on the back is awkward and the resolution on the screen is so poor it makes it difficult to use.
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    Well, at times, you get framing errors as the lense is a bit off compared to the viewfinder.

    With rangefinder cameras, you've got special framing lines, and even optional viewfinders that mount to the camera if you are using a telephoto lens, or a really wide angle.

    So for perfect accuracy, the LCD screen is the best thing.

    But yes, sometimes I find that its easier to use the viewfinders on PS cameras. Feels more normal.

    LCD's have ruined people. Hand them your DSLR to take your photo and they don't know how to look through the view finder. You've got people holding the camera 2 feet away and actually framing your picture using the little view finder. How they do it, I don't know.:D
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