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I have a nearly new Canon iPF5100 LFP for sale. I bought this printer in July at a George Lepp seminar. He used the printer during the seminar, it was new out of the box at that time. Since then, I have make about 30 prints. It is a wonderful printer, just too much printer for my needs. It does take up about 4' of wall space, but comes with a very nice rolling metal cabinet stand. The iPF5100 uses a 12 color ink system. The ink in the printer is over 75% full. I have purchased two extra sets of ink that go with. A complete set of ink costs around $900, but again, this is a pro printer and these are large ink tanks that last a long time and the idea is to not replace them all at once.
If you are in the market for a Pro Printer, you could win big on this deal.
I have $4k between the printer, stand, and two extra sets of ink on a 3 month old printer.
I will take $2500.
Take a look at the links below and check the pricing. If you are serious, PM me, and I will post up pics.

Here is the link to Canon for the printer:

Here is a link to B&H:

Here is a link to the Print Cartridges from B&H:

Here is a link to Office Depot for the stand (my stand is a darker grey):
Barry Nichols
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