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OK, so Shopdigitaldirect is offering a Canon EOS 40D body for $399 or a Nikon D60 for $299, either of which I'd like to purhase to start a terribly expensive hobby. BUT, I've checked them out at the BBB and they're not that popular. I've also checked out the link wxwax provided on the "don't get ripped off" post ( for Brooklyn storefronts and this place doesn't even look like a shop. They've also changed names several times. No other Black Friday deal on these cameras comes close.

It almost seems like enough to deal with the bait and switch, "you need more junk, only this time it's way overpriced" phone call for a price like this, but I'm really not interested in getting ripped off, either. But that old story about the kid carrying the snake down the mountain and getting bit keeps popping into my head.

Does anyone know of any other Black Friday deals for either of these camera bodies (around $500 would be nice) from a reputable dealer?
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