Panasonic Pv-Gs 70

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what do u all think about the panasonic pv-gs 70 for a beginner who wants to develop skills and ultimately go to film school..pros cons etc


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    wave.gif Hi Big Will.

    For still photography, you have a pretty good video camera. It's only 1.2mp, but that's not too bad for posting to the web. Nice to have an image stabilized 10x optical zoom, too.

    For video, the 3 CCD mini-DV set-up is sweet. If you're planning to shoot little films, your biggest issue will be audio. It's going to be hard to capture decent quality audio with the built-in mic, and hand holding a stick mic will be a challenge, assuming you can even get it close enough to be worthwhile. But that's true of any non-professional video camera.

    Looks like you ahve an excellent all around video camera. Hope you have a tripod!
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