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I wanted to upload a photo titled SunRiseInSouthJersey. Unfortunately the pic was too large to upload. I got a lot of compliments for this pic, and a lot of critique as well. Someone said it has too much noise, and that the horizon is off. My first reaction was, "What is Noise." Someone was kind enough to tell me. Now I know its like the static on a tv. when its not tuned in right. I understand the term. So I wanna get rid of it right? U might think so. So I go into my Photoshop Elements 2.0, and I click on Noise, and I find out u can add noise as well as delete it, or improve it. So my next question would be, Why would u want to add noise, if it is something that takes away from the quality of the shot? I still don't know the answer to that question. If anyone can help me. I would greatly appreciate it. DarbyD.


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    Sure, just for an effect. Same reason you might want to blur it or otherwise change it. In the right setting, it can make a big difference. Also, folks use the Photoshop stuff for things other than fixing photos, and they use all sorts of effects.

    Hey Darby, resize that sucker and let us see it.
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    Yea. I wanna see it too.:tuesday
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