Senior moment...SM "chopped" my email title...again!

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I keep forgetting this. Maybe I'll remember this the next time (probably NOT, until it's too late) so my email share title doesn't get corrupted :cry .

Quoation marks and any text between them in an email share title is ignored by Smug:

e.g. An email share enterered with the title... It's "Miller Time" ...gets deliver as... It's ..... which looks to my invitees as if I forgot to completely enter the title.

I'm sure there's a technical explanation that makes sense to developers...but as a user it makes no sense at all why it has to be this way.

It would be nice if someone would tweak the code a bit so simple quotation marks and all other normal characters that one might use in a title don't get whacked. Thanks.


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    rainforest1155rainforest1155 Registered Users Posts: 4,566 Major grins
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    Thanks for reporting this. The issue is known and has been reported to the engineers. For now, try reverting to single quotes like this:
    It's 'Miller Time'
    That should work as a workaround until we're fixing the quotes issue.

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