Weekly Assignment #118: LAB it, baby!

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This week we'll wander into a fairytale world. I mean, in LAB space.
For those of you who doesn't have access to this magic land - sorry folks, work harder, get some extra cash and get yourself a copy of PS (or any other LAB-aware photo editor).
Your task this week is to capture a fresh image of non-color specific subject (skin, grass or sky colors are fairly obvious, but you can't tell the color of a random wall unless you saw it) and then LAB the hell out of it, while preserving the interesting image.
Your entry should contain original (more or less color-true) image and the LAB-ed one. Please also post the LAB curves you've used.
Multiple entries are OK provided they are of different subjects and have different treatments.
Let's LAB!
"May the f/stop be with you!"
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