Flashing - Light and then dark in record mode

jfaiiipuntjfaiiipunt Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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On a Sony digital micro mv video camera, I am experiencing light and dark flashing in my view finder while trying to record scenes. I've tryed to place all the modes on Auto, but I still get the flashing (particularly after the camera warms-up)
Help! Suggestions to avoid nasty repair bill



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    j, could you specifiy what camera? Also, does this happen when you're shooting video, or only when you're trying to get a still on tape? And finally, does this happen in all light conditions, or only some?
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    You really need help from a video group. Yahoo has some good ones or try a news group.

    Have your read the instructions to put the camera back into Default ? Thats the 1st thing i would do.
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