Videos >500mb and <600mb Aren't Processing.

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Describe the problem: Two videos, each greater than 500mb but less than 600mb are having problems. The simple uploader continues to upload each time and time again. It never receives an acknowledgement that the upload is completed properly. The old faithful uploader does stop uploading when it is complete. Once uploaded, the videos simply show the "processing image" graphic. They have shown this for the last 2 days. Even upon re-uploading, the result is the same. They do not show up in the control panel log anywhere, either under errors or all.

List the steps to replicate and recreate the problem: Upload file using simple uploader or old faithful. Check gallery for video. Check control panel upload log. Rinse and repeat. :rofl

Provide links to your galleries, photos, etc so we can look: Filenames mov00644 and mov00657

Let us know your system, and browser and version (e.g., Firefox 3, on Windows: several. win98 portable ff 1.5, winxp portable ff 1.5, winxp embedded IE 6.0.2900

There's also a thread in the video section about this:

Any assistance appreciated.
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