Grand Cayman Black Bird

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Don't know the official name but these guys were all over Grand Cayman. They are striking with there jet black feathers and yellow eyes. But, one thing that is very strange about them is the fact their tail feathers are vertical rather than horizontial like all other birds I am aware of. They used it just like an airplane rudder.

Was hard to get a decent shot as they were always on the move and unpredictable in their movements. This was about as good of shot as I could get. Monitor here at work is horrible so not sure how exposure etc really looks to you.

Anyone know their official names?

C & C is certainly welcomed. This was taken with my 55 - 200 VR lens! I want a big gun lens like a lot of you use but not in the cards at this time.



18 - 55 kit lens
55- 200 VR kit lens
Lots of desires


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    Nice job! The light BG really contrasts well with the dark bird.
    Shoot in RAW because memory is cheap but memories are priceless.

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    Hi - I just saw this - the bird is the Grand Cayman variant of the Greater Antillean Grackle - known locally as the Ching Ching bird. Hope this helps - an old post, I realise...
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