Tokoname, Japan

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So my co-worker and I finally got to get away on the weekend and see something this year.

Tokoname is a wonderful town outside Nagoya. It's a seaside pottery town that has many hills, trees, ocean and silence.

We took all day wandering around enjoying the many conversations with friendly people and sights.

Somebody immediately grabbed us, his name was Richard from England. Hungry for some English talk he grabbed us up and explained his history. He came to Japan 20 years ago and started English teaching and pottery. Soon Pottery became his only business. Now he owns a substantial part of Tokoname that consisted of a huge old Japanese house with huge trees and yards to a big pottery factory.


[FONT=verdana,geneva]Maneki neko are everywhere. If you have been in an Asian restaurant in America you have seen this.[/FONT]

This cat came up and sleep on a bench with us.


Pottery is in the streets, houses, walls and art.


Buildings like this are everywhere. Used for pottery and still standing after many years.

Beer time hanging out across a liquor store drinking Kirin.

Typical street

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