Does SmugMug allow video download?

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Does SmugMug allow video download?



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    Quick answer is - Yes. I just uploaded some videos of my son playing the saxophone onto my SmugMug site so that his grandparents could see him. The video was from a FlipVideo camera. I'm not sure of the details on exactly how long the videos can be or any other restrictions. I think there is info on this under the help section on the SmugMug homepage.

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    I believe its 10 minutes long, and like 100mb? maybe... its either 100mb or 1gb... not sure... But I'm pretty positive on the 10 minutes. You can find out for sure in the Smugmug FAQ. Also you need either a Pro account, or the other one above standard.
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    Yes, you can. If you are a Power or Pro level user, you can upload video. you can find more info here...
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    Are you talking of UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD? Everyone is answering your question as if you are talking about uploading, but your questions is about downloading right?


    It's the same answer thought - at this time anyone can download your video that you upload to Smugmug.
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    Sorry it took me so long, but I've moved this to SmugMug support. thumb.gif
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    Yes, you can download the videos. For example, in Smugmug style, if you hover over the video, you get a "Save Movie" link.
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