April is bored

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Can I gripe here?

If so I am so bored. Its a slightly rainy day here in georgia so I gues sno moon will be out tonight either for me to try and take pics of. I have been sitting here chaging the themes on my store website, I think I finialy found one i llike. LOl now I am BORED again. Very much so.

This was a good idea for posts.

I'll try and get some pics posted of my cat meow soon


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    april wrote:
    Can I gripe here?
    Sure...why not?
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    Hey, if you're bored and it's raining, take some neat rain shots.

    I had to shoot some video of the rain for work this evening. It was only drizzling at the time. So I found myself coming up with creative ways to show the few drops which had landed on cars. When we cut the tape I realized that my attempts to capture raindrops with a workable background had actually paid off. Sometimes I don't think the same way with a video cameras as with a still camera, and that leads to decent video composition.
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