14MP DCS Pro SLR/c

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Well I am not going to buy one ... yet. This is for several reasons mostly to do with speed of operation and speed of workflow. I do believe that the speed of operation issues will be solved by a forthcoming firmware upgrade. Certainly the very bad noise issues in early reviews seems to have been solved. The workflow issues are mainly related to the size. The raw image which is compressed with a lossless compress is 12.5M and a tiff is 79M (81057872 !!) while a jpeg is around 2Mbytes.

Here are images at ISO 160 and ISO 1600 . Do not click on these images unless you are ready for a 2MB download.


And now the ISO 1600 image. The noise is not greatly increased.


The next thread will discuss resolution and will show a result with all noise and sharpening turned off.
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    I clicked! Hehe Cable its been bery bery good to me.

    I want a bigger better camera but I think I am better off to wait a bit and see what you guru's find .

    Thanks Charles.
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    Interesting points, Charles. Thanks for sharing them. BTW, it appears that both photos link to the same original. Everything is identical in the two shots. And someone needs to let that poor man out of the cage. naughty.gif
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