Wedding Challenges Contest: Rules and "Top Threes"

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Yup, we finally got all the ducks lined up, all the squares filled, the "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed so it time to announce the

Digital Grin "Wedding Photography Challenge"

Basic Rules for Entries
  1. There are no prizes, so this is just for fun! Since there are no prizes, there's no whining allowed :D
  2. While no judgment is likely to please everyone, they are final!
  3. Have fun sharing and seeing what other share!
  4. The winner of the last theme is the host for the next (a.k.a "current") theme.
  5. The host supplies a topic and starts a thread.
  6. The host selects his/her favorites (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) from the entries in the current theme and is, therefore, not eligible to enter a photo.
  7. There are no monetary prizes. Just bragging rights :D
  8. Copyright, ownership: entries remain the property of the photographer. Other than for publicity purposes at Dgrin or SmugMug, we don't have any rights to use your photo, period.
  9. Dgrin reserves the right to modify or cancel the challenges at any time, without notice.
  10. Oh, did I forget to mention, "Have fun!"
  1. A valid entry is any single image you've made. Doesn't matter when it was taken, the camera used, nor the processing. It's all fair game.
  2. You've found you have a better image than the one you first submitted? Fine, edit your post to replace your initial submission with your new favorite.
  3. Post Processing - Anything you like is fair game.
  4. Watermarks - Photos may not exhibit branding or watermarks. However, a small signature and copyright at the bottom of the image are encouraged.
  5. Borders/Frames - No borders or framing unless it's a triptych or multi-image entry.
  6. No Nudity - Nudity may not be entered into the challenges. Use discretion for implied shots, but if it belongs in the Go Figure forum, it does not belong in the challenges.
  7. Give your entry a title if you want to, but make sure your name is included too, so we know who posted it.
  8. Photos should be sized such that the longest edge is 800 pixels.
  9. One of the objectives is to provide inspiration and to help others improve their photography. So, any background, tips, hints, discussion, etc is and will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Don't by shy! Share your joy!
    The NEW CUT-OFF date is the last day of each month, I think that will be easier to remember. The winner will be announced on the first day of each month, and we'll hopefully have a new challenge up & running by the 2nd or 3rd day. If you are the last winner & submitted the new challenge, please send a PM to the moderator, she'll then put a badge on the top 3 entries.

    Should the "winner" fail to post the new theme in a timely manner, the host will inform the next one in line that they have been promoted to "host" for the current theme and that they have until end of the last day of the month to select and announce a new theme. If they miss, then it falls to the creator of the 3rd favorite and they have a 2 days (yes, that means the theme period will start late). If 1, 2, and 3 fail to stand up, the moderator will be the "host" for the next theme, announce the topic no later than about 6:30AM on the 5th day of the month and "judge" then entries at the end.Other Thoughts The list of Winners
    How to submit a photo:
    go to: www.smugmug.com

    (this link should work too: http://dgrinextras.smugmug.com/Wedding-Challenges)

    login: DgrinExtras
    password: knockknock

    Then go to Wedding Challenge and select the newest challenge > upload a pic (see top right corner / UPLOAD > TO THIS GALLERY)

    When you upload a photo, please name it with YOUR NAME, or your nickname. Please do NOT upload full res files as I can't take any responsibilities for it and don't want the photo to end up in the wrong hands.

    Once we announce the winner, the moderator will download your photo and it will receive a 1st / 2nd / 3rd place badge.

    Let's have FUN! :lynnma


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