Lustre finish and bigger enlargements are live

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We've been working with EZ Prints to offer Fuji's lustre finish, and finally last night we went live. Portrait and wedding photographers have been pushing for it because it combines the saturation of gloss with the fingerprint and glare resistance of matte.

Personally, I just like the satin sheen, but your tastes may vary. The paper is more expensive, so we had to charge 20% more than for other finishes. However, we were able to reduce the prices of 11x14s and 8x10s, so lustre in those sizes is still less expensive than matte and glossy were on our site.

We also added 24x36 and 30x40 prints, so now you can put those extra megapixels to work.

Also, a surprising number of photographers said they wouldn't subscribe until we had photo buttons, so they're live now too.

Let us know if you find problems.

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