Winners Mini-Challenge #83

dseidmandseidman Danny Seidman PhotographyPosts: 824Registered Users Major grins
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You guys had some great entries to fit the nighttime theme. The judging was really tough but after much debate I finally came to a decision.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order):

The Dock after Sunset by Luke J. Photography

Spinnin Wheel @ the Needle by Roaddog 52

Science World and the Vancouver skyline by dls

The Winners

3rd Place:
Lights of San Francisco by anonymouscuban

2nd Place:
A moonlight wake by Benjer

1st Place:
Blanket Mill Bell by sdways01

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for playing!


  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,072Super Moderators moderator
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    thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif congrates to the winners! All superb images!
  • travelwaystravelways Candid Grinner Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 7,854Registered Users Major grins
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    Wooow... wonderful images, and the winner is just fantastic - good choice,
    and Congratulations!!! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif
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  • adbsgicomadbsgicom Texas-Sized Grins Posts: 3,615Registered Users Major grins
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    Congratulations all around. Those were really stellar night shots, and a great inspriation to prowl around after hours, so to speak.
    - Andrew

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  • KinkajouKinkajou Major grins Posts: 1,240Registered Users Major grins
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    Prowl around after hours - haha!

    Indeed! Lots of variety. Everything from cityscapes to details. Congrats to the winners!

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  • Roaddog 52Roaddog 52 Major grins Posts: 309Registered Users Major grins
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    Congates to the winners. So many great, and inspiring images.
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  • NeilLNeilL B+R=M,B+G=C,R+G=Y Posts: 4,201Registered Users Major grins
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    Thanks for hosting this challenge, Danny. Thanks, too, to the other contestants, and congratulations to the placegetters!

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  • sbargesbarge Big grins Posts: 78Registered Users Big grins
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    Congratulations winners! Fantastic images, very inspirational!
  • anonymouscubananonymouscuban Inner Tube Pilot Porter Ranch, CaliforniaPosts: 4,586Registered Users, Retired Mod Major grins
    edited October 21, 2009
    Very cool. Can't believe I placed in the top 3. So many great images. It's an honor to have come in 3rd and congrats to sdways01 and Ben for 1st and 2nd place.
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  • BenjerBenjer Begrinner Posts: 275Registered Users Major grins
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    Oh wow! This was certainly a surprise to have placed in the challenge with so many awesome nighttime shots from everyone. Congrats to the honorables Luke J, Roaddog, and dls, to Alex for a remarkable pano and Adam for the ringer! (couldn't resist) clap.gif
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  • sdways01sdways01 Major grins Posts: 151Registered Users Major grins
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    WooHoo! wings.gif I almost forgot to post some entries, but I am sure glad I didn't. Living in small town NH I didn't have any big cityscapes to compete with all the fantastic entries, so I went with some different things.

    I am honored to be chosen with all the other fantastic images. I will come up with a new subject tomorrow and start the next round.

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  • dlsdls undisciplined Posts: 385Registered Users Major grins
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    Excellent choices! Congrats to sdways01, anonymouscuban, and benjer for your stellar shots! bowdown.gifbowbowdown.gif
  • nightpixelsnightpixels NASA Grinner Posts: 536Registered Users Major grins
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    Congrats Adam, great image!
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