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Okay people-shooters; to improve your shooting skills, to be challenged and most of all to have fun let's start a little challenge.

The People Photo Challenges

The winner will get:
  • to choose the theme for the next round
  • a sticky in this forum with a mini interview and exposition of their work until the next round has ended.
HOWEVER...... :D
So that the entire community can benefit, the winner:
  • will also have to explain their winning entry in detail! What was the reason behind the subject/framing/etc, where did you shoot it? how did you deal with the model? what lights did you use? what camera settings? What did you do in post? what did you learn from the shoot?
    People can ask questions, too. If there are no more questions about the winning shot, they can ask questions about other shots from the winner.

A few things:
  • The entries don't have to be fresh (taken during the actual challenge period) but if you want to challenge yourself come up with something specifically for this challenge.
  • Only one entry, please!
  • This is the "people forum" challenge, so all shots must have at least (part of) one person in it. Don't forget about our Dgrin Sharp Shooters Challenges, in the Dgrin Challenges Forum!
  • Since this contest will be held in the 'People' forum and not in the 'Go Figure' forum, photos that belong in 'Go Figure' are not allowed.
  • The winner of a round, who chooses the next theme, will not be included in the poll for that next round.
  • Your photos are your photos; The entries remain the property of the photographer.
  • Everyone can enter, including Moderators and SmugMug staff.
  • No whining! It's fun!
  • The (People Forum) Moderators will handle irregularities or problems and their decisions are final.
  • The (People Forum) Moderators can modify or cancel the challenges at any time, without notice.

Each round will have its own entry thread.
The winning entries:
721494386_WQWCX-S.jpg 738685824_Sk9Fs-500x300.jpg 776555858_gkZ6N-S.jpg 802768567_N69An-900x300.jpg 803050932_7Uati-S.jpg 235928305_PTyix-900x300.jpg 884477385_pygiE-S.jpg 886732404_Pvr4d-S.jpg 919101084_WLxbP-900x300.jpg 939698976_H7FuE-900x300.jpg 968318660_37sty-900x300.jpg 1010137454_BipyW-900x300.jpg 1100944742_gvHFL-900x300.jpg

If you have ideas for a theme, let me know! I'll add them to the list.
Those choosing the new theme can pick from the list, or can come up with something different.
Theme suggestions in random order:
  • empty or full
  • outside/outdoors
  • proud or pride
  • music or sound
  • black & white portrait
  • ...
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