WTB: D70 setup

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UPDATE: just found a D70 setup at B&H so am out of the maket except for a sb600 flash. Anybody?

This is my first post on DGrin, though I've lurked here ad nauseum.....

I've been out of SLR's for 12 years, for a handful of reasons.

need to get back into it.. have a couple junkers.. My brother (member here) has convinced me to leave Planet Canon and join the force of Nikon...

So I'm looking for a starter D70 rig...

wouldn't mind just the kit zoom lens and basic body, though I think i'll need the 600 flash...

there is a specific project which will fund this camera - - i'm going to be shooting about 6000 web images per year in a studio for an electronics company..





  • 2quick2clique2quick2clique Big grins Posts: 27Registered Users Big grins
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    I forgot to mention a couple other things I'll be needing for this..

    1. remote for camera
    2. the camera-to-computer access harness.. dunno what it's called.
    3. looking for a decent tripod to use in studio. I gave my last good one to a friend and haven't had a tripod in a decade......
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