Weekly Discussion Thread: New Year's Resolutions?

AgnieszkaAgnieszka Photoshopping ...Between Denver and BostonRegistered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 3,262
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It's that time of the year .... lets name some of the resolutions you've made at the start of 2010 :D

Is there .....
• anything you promised yourself to never do again?
• anything you want to change?
• anything you want to try?

What are YOUR goals for this year?



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  • sweet carolinesweet caroline Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,589 Major grins
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    My sister just got engaged, so my goal is to go to the gym with her regularly. We started last night! She's making some huge changes to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Moogle PepperMoogle Pepper Big picture in the sky Registered Users Posts: 2,950 Major grins
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    Agnieszka wrote:


    No resolutions. I agree with Calvin on this one.

    Har har! I love Calvin and Hobbes! I need to incorporate that into an esession if possible...

    anything you promised yourself to never do again? I promised myself never to eat those forbidden donuts. Too late, I have now re-found that lost weight that I lost last year! In terms of photography, I promised never to do things for free anymore. My first two esessions were free, which was fun, but I ... needs money.

    • anything you want to change? I want to change my approach towards posing, lighting, and a different perspective.

    • anything you want to try? I still want to try doing a bridal+boudoir session!! I still haven't gotten a victim for that yet. :soapbox
    I want to incorporate more of the video capturing function of the 5D2 into my work.

    What are YOUR goals for this year?
    Get stinkin rich and travel the world. I will probably do the traveling part but not the stinkin rich part. :(
    Food & Culture.
  • jdorseydesignjdorseydesign Smugmug Fanboi Registered Users Posts: 161 Major grins
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    To buy a Nikon D90 as soon as humanly possible :D
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  • heatherfeatherheatherfeather Major grins Registered Users Posts: 2,739 Major grins
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    Mine is to charge more... work less. So far it is charge more... work more... charge even more... work even more... Gotta get this balanced!
  • Jeremy WinterbergJeremy Winterberg Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,233 Major grins
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    • anything you promised yourself to never do again?
    No more free sessions, jobs, etc... And no more fake lens flare, works for Angie, not me though.... rolleyes1.gif

    • anything you want to change?
    My processing style. I want to achieve that airy bright light feeling in my photos... if anyone has suggestions hit me up with a pm... Also, I want to go full frame, and continue to work on making my pictures the best I can. I think I've improved greatly since I got my first DSLR in October 2008.

    • anything you want to try?
    Well... my REAL resolution for this year is to open up my own studio. I've been looking at some places, and found one I really like... but money is the issue right now... hopefully by summer or at most the end of the year I will have enough saved up to cover rent for a few months-year without the help of photo work.
  • divamumdivamum Major grins Registered Users Posts: 9,021 Major grins
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    As many of you know, 2009 pretty much stank in Operaland, as company after company collapsed and left many of us without work and reeling (the silver lining was Quality Time With the Camera, but it was still pretty tough sledding). Because pretty much everything that happened was outside my control, much of my frustration was feeling helpless, so I have dubbed 2010 the year of ACTION.

    Since I've given myself an edict (ie don't just watch and wait for "something" to happen, but get off yer butt and MAKE "something" happen!), this includes photo stuff too: I definitely intend for it to remain a sideline (in other words, I'm still first and foremost a singer!), but clearly me+camera is here to stay and I may as well start rolling with it and see where it goes.

    So..... #1 on my to-do list is to get basic business elements in place so that I can start accepting some of the paid shoots people have approached me to do, and maybe even market things within my niche target market a little bit. And making myself accountable by going public through this post means I've just written to my accountant to get the final, personalized version of what I need to do, and then the next couple of weeks can be spent implementing it.

    In the meantime, I need to go practice for a forthcoming concert. Action is definitely the word of the year :Dwings.gifivarclap.gif
  • TangoTango Major grins Registered Users Posts: 4,592 Major grins
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    Diva, sorry for 2009! I hope 2010 changes that!

    for me this new years eve, I decided my big thing was to do my first 365 project...

    but this morning I realized that I've only remembered to do it one day so far, (on the 1st no less).....

    guess that idea didnt pan out......

    oh ya, I was going to get on the elliptical machine everyday too....
    (maybe I should amend that to just once a week since I haven't be on yet this year)

    btw, I like the "Charge more, Work less" idea.:D Thats a good one!
    Aaron Nelson
  • daniel212daniel212 Big grins Registered Users Posts: 29 Big grins
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