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The Go Figure forum is a sub-forum of the People forum. It has been established to broaden the range of artistic expression found on Dgrin. Nude figure studies have a long history in painting, sculpture and photography; the Go Figure forum is meant to continue in that tradition. It is not intended to push, explore or extend the boundaries of acceptable taste.

Not everyone appreciates this kind of photography. To prevent people from accidentally wandering in, the forum is password protected. The password is "optin".

All posts must abide by these rules:
  • What IS acceptable:
    • It is acceptable to post content fit for minors as would be seen in a museum that allows minors.
    • Partial and full nudity (both male and female) is permitted.
    • Unclothed models 18 years old or older.
  • What is NOT acceptable:
    • Sexual acts and pornography are strictly forbidden.
    • Poses designed to emphasize genitalia are not permitted.
    • Posting forbidden content will cause you to be banned from Dgrin.
  • Etiquette:
    • Posts containing nudity must have an unambiguous warning in the thread title so that people who might be offended can avoid the thread. We suggest "18+" as a short, well understood warning.
    • If you are unsure about the suitability of a photo, then consider providing a link instead of an embedded image. You must still identify the post as 18+ in its title.
    • Comments should focus on the photographic merits and flaws of the picture. Sexual banter and personal comments about the model or photographer are inappropriate.
  • The bottom line:
    • It will be entirely up to the discretion of Dgrin moderators and administrators whether a post is acceptable. No whining, please.
    • These rules are subject to modification without notice at any time for any reason.
Have fun, be respectful, and enjoy photographing the human figure!

Note: Moderators will not edit your posts to have them comply with the rules. If your posts do not comply with the rules, your post may be deleted. If you have any questions, contact the moderator of this forum.
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