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I have read elsewhere on this forum people stating that they modified their jpeg file in Adobe Camera Raw. First is this possible, second how is it done
thanks for putting up with a basic question


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    You must have your preferences for ACR set to accept jpgs - but then just highlight the jpg in Bridge, hit ctrl-R and the image will open in ACR in Bridge. Make your adjustments, and then hit DONE, or Open, to open the edited file in Photoshop.

    Remember, an 8 bit jpg is more "brittle" - has less data - than a RAW file, so you have to be a bit more gentle with them, or you risk damaging, posterizing the file. White Balance on jpgs in ACR is less successful than other controls also.

    But the ability to alter jpgs this way can be quite helpful at times.
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    remember I am using Photoshop Elements 7 and I don't believe it has Bridges. In fact, the ACR is buried and I can't seem to get it up except when I load a RAW image.
    It's not important but I am trying to understand my program better.
    Thanks for the reply
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    open elements go to File > Open the jpg file and then in the drop down for "open as" select Camera Raw...that will open the jpg in ACR...
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    thanks so much. I would have never found it without help. Don't know how much I will or should use it, but it has some features that are good.
    thanks again
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    depending too, if you right tab on your mouse "get info" on the file, then you can specify which applications will open all file types like this and you won't have to search so much,, it is a great tool
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