The Dgrin Sharp Shooters Challenges: Rules

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The Dgrin Sharp Shooters Challenges
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Each challenge will last 4 weeks. Starting and ending on Mondays at 8:00pm, PST time (GMT -7 while in daylight savings mode).
At the end of each challenge, a multiple choice 72 hour public vote will determine which images are the final top 3 images.

Any ACTIVE* registered member of Dgrin is eligible to enter the challenges.

  • 1st place: $100 print credit OR $100 credit towards a new or existing SmugMug account.
  • 2nd place: 1 year of Basic OR $40 credit to your SmugMug account.
  • 3rd place 1 year of Basic OR $40 credit to your SmugMug account.

Notes about print credit: Print credit must be redeemed in a single order and any remaining credit will be forfeited.


Challenge Round Judging

Voting is open to any ACTIVE* registered member of Dgrin. Please note that members who register at the beginning of a voting round will not have their vote counted in the final poll. The voting will last for 72 hours. In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden-death vote off! A new 24-hour poll will be opened immediately to select the one winner from the tied entries. Please read the Etiquette on Public Voting.

*ACTIVE: member must be participating in a dgrin forum on a regular basis. Final decisions are at the discretion of the Moderators to maintain the integrity of the voting.


Entries MUST meet the following criteria, or they will be subject to disqualification:
  1. Fresh Photos Only: Digital photos must be shot during the respective 4-week contest period. Images must be your own work, and must be taken with a digital camera (no stills extracted from video or other specialized equipment).
  2. Proof of Fresh Photo: Entries must have exif embedded (do not use methods such as "save for web", which strip exif info). As such, only images taken digitally will be accepted (no scanned images). Photos made via HDR must include the exif from one of the merged images. Composite images must be composed entirely of fresh images, and must include exif from ALL of the images used.
  3. Post Processing: As a digital photography challenge, there are no limits on post-processing, unless stated otherwise for a "special" challenge round.
  4. Number of Entries: Only one photo may be entered into each challenge round's entry thread per photographer.
  5. Pre-posting for peer input: You may post your potential entries for comment/critique in a separate thread in the The Dgrin Challenges Forum.
  6. Entering Your Image: You may enter a photo into the challenge gallery at any time during the challenge period. If necessary, you can also change that submission at anytime during the challenge period, by uploading a second photo and marking the previous photo with the word DELETE in the caption. In the case that there are multiple entries by the same dgrinner at the time of challenge closing, the most recently uploaded will count as the entry. The order of entries in the challenge gallery has no bearing on the selection of the finalists. Instructions for uploading will be included in thread announcing and detailing each DSS round.
  7. UPE's: Unidentified Photo Entries. Photos uploaded to the gallery that do not have a valid dgrinner username in the caption will be deleted at the close of the challenge period. *Please use this standard format for captioning your entry: username - title
  8. Watermarks: Photos may not exhibit branding or watermarks. However, a small signature and copyright at the bottom of the image are encouraged.
  9. Borders/Frames: You may use a simple border of a single color to frame your photo if you feel it will enhance the final image. Natural borders or frames such as windows, doorways, dark vignettes and subjects that float on a solid background will also be permitted. No multi color, decorative or picture frame style borders will be accepted unless waived in a specific round.
  10. Name Your Entry: You must give a unique name to your photo in the title of your entry post, for selection and voting purposes. See 7 for format. (Please try to be imaginative with your choice of caption. It is suggested not to use any of the words from a theme in your caption, to give it some spice and individuality. You should also keep your title as short as possible, if you can enhance your image with one to three words it will leave a lasting impression on the person viewing your work.)
  11. No Nudity: Nudity may not be entered into the challenges. Use discretion for implied shots, but if it belongs in the Go Figure forum, it does not belong in the challenges.

The Contest & Challenges Forum Moderator and Dgrin Admin will handle any irregularities, and their decisions are final.

Prize winners must comply with paperwork requirements.
You must be 18 years of age or older to compete and be eligible to win prizes.
Copyright, ownership: entries remain the property of the photographer. Other than for publicity purposes at Dgrin or SmugMug, we don't have any rights to use your photo, period.
Dgrin reserves the right to modify or cancel the challenges at any time, without notice.


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